Engineered Concrete Logs

Driving around the Great Smoky Mountains you will see these beautiful log houses. Sitting on the edge of the mountain with big glass windows and giant natural wood logs, these wonderful cabins have been part of the mountain landscape for generations. You constantly admire their uniqueness and how the cabin just perfectly fits the environment. People are attracted to log home styles because of their rustic charm and character, the unique tradition and the symbol of strength and longevity. Normally, traditional cabins are built from logs that are interlocked at the end with notches, or nailed together. Modern cabins and log homes are built from milled logs, usually from timber that is abundant and easily available like pine or spruce.

With modern technology, you can build your own unique log home that will stand up better to the harsh environment of the Smokies, as well as being fire-resistant. We at Big City Remodeling now have access to this new and innovative material that can replicate the natural appearance and the organic texture of a natural log. Manufactured from engineered concrete, the log siding looks and feels like a log.

With its unique and realistic look, the concrete log siding is developed to provide you a long-lasting and reduced-maintenance log home. This Pigeon Forge contractor can provide you several options to choose from like the trim, color, or styles of the siding, so you can easily customize your log home.

Better Than Logs™, the company that produces this innovative product indicates that using this new construction materials helps you avoid the bleeding stains and chemicals when you do an annual sealing or staining required of a natural log home. Another benefit of engineered concrete log siding is that it provides great insulation. You don't need to worry about carpenter bees or other insects that are usually attracted to logs, and most importantly you can help preserve our forests.

Elick Combs, general contractor in Pigeon Forge, TN

Big City Remodeling, an East TN builder owned and operated by Elick Combs has mastered the application of this innovative construction material. They can provide you samples or show you a home where they use this unique product. Check Skyview Mansion on the Gallery page to view samples of their work with this product, or call (865) 216- 0223.